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What Causes a Wet Basement?

A wet basement causes homeowners to  lose money each year due to repairs and a decrease in property value. In windsor and Essex county it is estimated that 1 in every  4   homes  exhibit  some  form of  basement water  seepage. This
isn't necessarily the home builders fault but rather the very climate we live in.

We live in a climate that is always changing from hot, wet, dry to cold and freezing. Depending on the season the ground  freezes, contracts, thaws and expands leading to many issues such as broken/buckled foundation walls, sewer and storm lines breaking as well as leaks and various seepage problems.

Many other issues can lead to a wet basement such as: 
inadequate eaves troughs/storm lines, cracked foundation walls,  sewer  backup,  improper  grading, broken / clogged weeping tile  systems, tree roots, concrete that has settled towards foundation ect. 

Some signs exhibited by a wet basement are visible mold, stains and efflorescence on walls/floors, rusting metal and pipes, peeling  paint, musty odor, deteriorated drywall / wood framing and water on floor/carpet.

With over  10,000 basements  saved we at Scarfone Construction are Windsor and Essex countys leading wet basement repair company. Dont settle for anything but the best,  let us provide  you  with relief  knowing that  our team of experts can fix all your wet basement troubles and give you what you deserve, the peace of mind in having a dry basement!

For a free estimate or consultation / advice, feel free to reach us using either the contact form on this website or by phone at (519) 734-1625. We look forward to hearing from you!