Repairing a leaky basement from the outside involves careful excavation of all debree around the perimeter of area to be waterproofed.  After all dirt and debree is removed, all blocks and mortar joints are meticulously inspected for cracks, deteriation and or buckling - and are repaired in order to maintain a strong block foundation. Old weeping tiles are ripped out and tile system is tested to ensure drainage is 100 percent. After testing and satisfaction new big-O tile will be installed.  All contracted walls will be properly cleaned, powerwashed and tiger torched to ensure a clean surface is available for tarring. A thick layer of tar is applied and allowed time to set before installation of Membrane.  Membrane is then install past grade for maximun protection against moisture and seepage.  The trench is then filled with 3/4 clean clear stone which gives the perimeter  foundation the ultimate drainage bed. All repairs both inside and outside come with our 10 year transferable warrenty!